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Returning to SETX seeking group.
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United States
Nederland, TX
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I lived in Austin for four years and was spoiled there by massive accessibility to games and players. I just moved back to Nederland and am worried about the prospects in the area. Since I host a podcast about Android: Netrunner, called The Ice Box, I most want to play that game. But really I'll settle for almost anything.

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Thematic, Strategic, etc.
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Adventure, Strategy, etc.
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Area control, Deck building, Press your luck, Trading, Hand management, Modular board, Variable player powers, etc.
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My top right now is Android: Netrunner (I host a podcast about it). Other than that is Lord of the Rings the card game (LCG), X-wing, Rex, Infiltration, Wiz War, War of the Ring, Small World, Dominion, Yomi. Some old favorites are Chrononauts, The Stars Are Right, Munchkin, Three Dragon Ante, Inn Fighting.
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