About Us

Board Game Meetup strives to bring board, card, rpg and mini gamers together, so that no gamer has games that merely sit on the shelf.

Board Game Meetup exists to promote and expand the board and card game hobby. This includes board games in all its varieties: modern board games, eurogames, amerigames, war-games, 18xx games/train games, party games, traditional card games, modern card games, role-playing games, minis games, etc. The only game groups we don’t allow are groups that play any game(s) that involve gambling as the laws regarding those are too varied worldwide.

We believe in bringing people together to play, learn and enjoy board games. There have been many studies that show the benefits that result from the board gaming hobby. And all should know the benefits of people gathering to create new friendships.

We created this site as no other generic group or meetup sites adequately supplied this service to game groups. The other group sites either have limited tools or are overly expensive. In addition the other sites would bring many people to your online group that would never show up. As those people were only slightly interested in gaming. They want to gather to meet people but many other activities come before gaming. This site is for people who want to meet people through gaming, where gaming is one of their preferred ways to meet and gather with other people. As such, more of the people that join your game group through this site should actually show up.