Is this site free?

Yes and no. Our site is free to use for as long as you wish for socializing and finding other gamers. It's free to find and join meetups. It's free to enter your game groups in our database - thereby allowing other gamers to find your game group. The only part of the site that requires a fee is if you want to use our meetup tools and run your game group's calendar, member tracking, forum and newsletter from our site.

Why another social meetup site?

We created this site as no other generic group or meetup sites adequately supplied this service to game groups. The other group sites either have limited tools or are overly expensive. In addition the other sites would bring many people to your online group that would never show up. As those people were only slightly interested in gaming. They want to gather to meet people but many other activities come before gaming. This site is for people who want to meet people through gaming, where gaming is one of their preferred ways to meet and gather with other people. As such, more of the people that join your game group through this site should actually show up!

What kind of game group meetups can I create?

You can create any game group that plays any board, card, role-playing or minis games. In addition, you may create a game group that involves gathering to play video games. The only game groups you are not allowed to create are groups that play any games that are illegal in your region. For that reason we don’t allow the creation of groups that involve gambling as the laws are too varied from region to region for us to track. So we merely ban all groups that involve gambling games.

Where can I get support services for my game group?

You can visit the Organizer forums on our site.