This includes best defender like a flamethrower
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It is designated exclusively for PlayStation Vita release of September 4 to September 10 for Europe and North America, but until then, check out the first 15 minutes of the single-Runescape player campaign above.Killzone: mercenaries happens after the first Runescape game and the the following events taking place in all parts of the trilogy. Play as a mercenary who takes the  rssong job with all the ISA and the soldiers of the enemy, and pay higher and higher by earning more money to buy new weapons and equipment. This includes best defender like a flamethrower and a sniper rifle with remote-controlled drones toy air strikes.The received good impressions of this Runescape game and the mechanics, including the use of touch panels front and rear. How does this pan out at all, and improve sales PlayStation Vita? We'll find out next month. Guerrilla war Runescape game, for Killzone: Mercenary, PS Vita, wonderful Start SCE 101 unique all-star cast of Nintendo characters. Platinum Runescape games' The gorgeous 101 is one of a small number of Nintendo Wii U-word worth picking up these days. However, the concept of control over 101 superheroes and face off against monsters of a different week partly to beginning.Speaking to VideoRunescape gamer, director Hideki Kamiya said that, I got to write the order of Prime Platinum Runescape games, Tatsuya Minami and asked me to create the idea of ​​Runescape's all-star cast of Nintendo characters as well as characters from other Runescape games, and this is how the project began. I thought how could satisfy everybody and make everyone happy and I got the idea why not show off in front of everyone in Runescape and at the same time. This is where the idea was born. 'Of course, when the project is stopped midway, things have gone off track. When gorgeous 101 came back to progress, and the central idea of ​​the many different.Given the presence of Runescape games like Super Smash Bros, how it has worked out great 101 if in fact contains no more ' Various characters privilege of working together? Hideki Kamiya, Nintendo, Platinum Runescape games, the awesome 101, Wii U machine Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut $ 60 Square Enix. Next machine ex: Cut Director Human Revolution, which includes the new disk Runescape game allowing Runescape players that every point will not spend on making content unstoppable killing machine actually stands a chance against the employer, apparently retail for around price of $ 60.This according to representatives of Square Enix, who spoke to Joystiq stated that he 'would not be $ 60. Of course, in terms of statements, delegates also said to be 'very soon' the Details are not clear a little more than what cost.However, Amazon has offered menus while the version of the Wii U can retail for $ 49.99, X device Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions and retail for $ 29.99. As is the case with the previous machine two worlds, it's hard to know just which one can be trusted. However, we'll see if the final product justifies the price when the former machine: Cut shows Director Human Revolution for Mac, PC, PS3, Wii U and Xbox 360.