career shaman comprehensive [requires
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 a server restart. ] Storm whip whip effect of the Storm Totem now has a 50% chance to trigger, damage equivalent to 40% of the current injury. (Probability 20% increase from the original, damage value from 100% down.) Talent cliff totem damage absorption shield is now properly suppressed by fighting fatigue and impact. Pet Battle combat pet [requires a server restart. ] Soap soap, soap aion kinah buy calves of flint flint soap assault skills sound has been repaired, rather than issue a Headless Horseman laughter. Raids, Dungeons battle scenes battle  Laxey Aviva [requires a server restart. ] Malice's Shack Lille will no longer be subjected to the heat because the fuel tank damage caused by the impact of the player in the combat log displays damage the information.Seven brilliant stars finally live 5.4 full cooperation 25H Auger