people will bring it to other genres."I'd love to
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 What you're going to see is major advancements on the community side."Emily Greer, co-founder, Kongregate" I expect to see more variety in terms of the type of Runeacape game and monetization method. So far, it's been a lot of RPGs and strategy Runeacape games. Now that a lot of people understand how to make free-to-play work in those contexts, people will bring it to other genres."I'd love to see more experimentation and drive in how to make free-to-play work in other situations. I think that's going on, and will continue to develop. runescape gold  People are also getting smarter, and learning the dynamics of free-to-play Runeacape game design."There's been, initially, a lot of fast-following, where people are copying a mechanic that they saw in an Asian Runeacape game and bringing that to Facebook, and taking things from other people without necessarily understanding what the underlying factors are that make people behave a certain way."Caryl Shaw, independent consultant"People are really starting to embed data in a much earlier place in their Runeacape games. When you're building a Runeacape game now, you don't even consider building it out without pulling in data. That certainly wasn't the case two or three years ago, when people were like, 'I put out a Runeacape game! We'll see what it does!' That just doesn't happen anymore. People are using data."In the next half-a-year to year-and-a-half or so, people are going to understand data analysis better. I was in a talk this morning, and the guy was talking about ARPU average revenue per user being a really important stat. But to me, ARPU is not that important anymore. I don't look at the average revenue per user. I don't look at the sum total. I look at the average revenue per paying user, and how many of my users are paying. It's got to turn into the next generation of data analytics, and understanding data better."John Smedley, CEO, SOE"We used to do very standard stuff that's still what most MMO Runeacape games use, which are things called win-backs. A Runeacape player would buy a retail Runeacape game, play it for 'X' amount of time, then they'd stop playing. Then you'd send them emails with incentives for them to log back in."It's different now. The difference is free-to-play gives people the opportunity to come back in on a weekly basis, or a monthly basis. You put out a new patch, and they just pop back in because there's no barrier to entry. That changes everything about how you market to your Runeacape players, how you interact with your Runeacape players. Free-to-play means you have a constant dialogue with your Runeacape players, and that you're making sure they're aware of what's going on in your Runeacape game. Now we reach out on other channels like Twitter and Reddit, places where Runeacape players are, even though they're not playing our Runeacape games."Joost van Dreunen, CEO, SuperData Research"As Runeacape gamers get more comfortable with spending a dollar or five bucks or ten bucks at a time, that's just kind of a new environment where you have to design Runeacape games that suit those customer needs."What that means is that developers will be looking more at Runeacape games that focus on a niche, rather than large scale. There's going to be less of an emphasis on Runeacape player acquisition, and a greater emphasis on retention."Previously, it's been all about, 'Hey, let's get a million people in the door, and convert a small percentage of them.' The next step will be, 'Let's get 50,000 people as our customer base, and try to keep them as long as possible.' Those are the makings of what will ultimately be much more of a fragmented market in terms of genres and Runeacape game mechanics."There's a lot of opportunity for developers to find their way into the market. The new revenue models also offer new opportunity to design Runeacape games. It's up to whoever is nimble enough to make the most of that."Gamasutra is at GDC Online in Austin this week. Check out our event page for the latest on-site coverage. At a time when Kickstarter is the way for developers to bypass publishers and pull in investments directly from fans, one indie studio has decided to cut out the middleman to great effect.