Adding "My Items" to some Drop Down Lists
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I believe that it would be a good idea to add a sub-topic of "My Items" to some Drop Down Lists specifically:

Under these specific Drop Down (DD) Titles: Meetup have "My Meetups"; Conventions have "My Conventions"; People have "My People". I see that you already have "My Topics" under Forums. Also the DD Titlle "Meetup" might be better as "Meetups". I believe that it would be best to have "My Items" listed at the top of each DD List.

A problem with this would be what are "My Items". This is no problem for "My Meetups", those are the ones that you are currently a member of. I notice that you already have this, you just have to bring up the home page for meetups. So, I think that it would be better to keep it there. But, also put a link to that in the Meetup DD List, as well. For "My Conventions", there would have to be a way set up for the user to mark the conventions that they are monitoring. For "My People", the people in the meetups that they are currently in would be automatically set up as in "My People. However, there could be a way for users to set up other people not in their meetups as in "My People". A way to do this automatically would be when a user sends an e-mail to another user, that would automatically make both members of the 2 user's "My People" lists. This could be set up to put them in the 2 user's "My People" lists, only after, the user who was sent the e-mail opens it. Then, there would be a way to change the "My People" lists to reflect any members that a user would want to block. It could be simpler, to just allow users to set up their own "My People" lists.

I realize that this may not be a simple task. But, I believe that this would be very helpful to regular users of the site.                                                                                                     

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I went back to edit my post, but, I didn't see that option.

As for the "Meetup" Drop Down Heading, I believe that there should be 2 links added. 1 for "My Meetups" and 1 for "My Meetup Group