As for different announced NBA 2K17 MT For PS4
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As for different announced NBA 2K17 MT For PS4 attributes, Design and Trend notes that the game shall have the most amount of signature animations in the franchise, timed-locker codes (codes that net you randomly items for use within the game) will be returning.

NBA 2K17 releases on September 12 (PS4, XB1, PS3, Ps3 and PC) for those who pre-order. On September 20 it’ll be in stores for everyone else. Look for more information with regards to the game in at 2kvc.Throughout NBA 2K MyTeam, MT Coins are king. The actual coins are used to purchase brand new cards and packs however can only be earned via playing games in MyTeam as well as selling cards. While it can normal to earn gold and silver coins that way in any card gathering sports game mode, "NBA 2K16" doesn't do a realistic alternative of giving you enough gold and silver coins. You should be able to get a good amount of gold and silver coins for completing in-game difficulties, or you can buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT in 2kvc!

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