Aside from that most of NBA 2K17 Coins
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Aside from that most of NBA 2K17 Coins the times if you just look where you are going and look for the defenders you can just walk away from tehm and avoid getting stripped. Furthermore dribble moves make your guy tired. And they are NOT needed from halfcourt on every single control. The number of you guys achieving this crossover at half the courtroom with no defender near you astonishes me. Just like you could possibly get cold on offense you may get cold on defense.


END FREAKING REACHING SO MUCH. QUIT TO BLOCK SO MUCH. You dont have to steal or block, he just has to miss. If you just keep steady pressure all game he'll miss a few, thats all we need. WE dont need a block. For those of nba 2k17 mt ps4 you who average. 6 blocks per game, yet you try to block the ball 158 times per game, its freaking stupid. Stop. If hes shooting a jumper just run up to him. Sooner or later hell miss if you do in which.Also every time you try to wedge, you are not rebounding. Forget one particular block, get 10 springs back. When you attempt to block anyone dont rebound.