Ask any design professional Wood Veneer
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Ask any design professional and they’ll tell you the same thing: more
and more people are demanding the look and feel of natural wood.
Architects, interior designers, furniture designers, and woodworkers are
all getting back to nature. That’s why, at Brookside, we keep expanding
our commitment to providing you with Wood Veneer
the highest quality and widest selection of wood veneers in the
country. We’ve been a leader in exotic veneers for a quarter century,
and the best is yet to come.

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has always been our goal to do whatever we can to help you achieve
great results with our veneer products. From fancy burls and figured
woods, to pommele grains, your clients will love the beautiful effect of
architectural-grade, exotic Film Faced Plywood
from Brookside. Our unique collection of over 40 veneers, in addition
to our well-known composite veneer lines, has something to please
everybody — backed up by incredible quality, excellent customer service,
and the familiarity and expertise of a family business.

on Quality – When Arne Thomsson founded Brookside decades ago, he
demanded we deliver a quality product to every customer, every time. A
generation later, we’re still following his advice. Not only are we
vigilant in identifying common defects — we also take great pride in the
quality of our customer service, sales, technical support, on time
delivery, and overall customer experience.