Blade & Soul ultimately feels like a lightweight e
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Launched in Asia in 2012, NCSoft’s MMORPG Blade & Soul has been released in the West and while it’s a polished and attractive game that makes a good initial impression, a more extended stay in its anime and martial arts-inspired world reveals cheap Blade & Soul gold some issues that impact its staying power. An enjoyable and skill-heavy combat system is unfortunately wedded to an uninspired and ultimately repetitive campaign. As MMOs go, Blade & Soul ultimately feels like a lightweight experience.

Actually, Blade and Soul — like so many recent MMOs — consists of an essentially single player campaign that prepares the player for PvP arenas at level 45. The anime-inspired story puts the player in the role of a mystical martial artist in training, whose school and revered master were destroyed by an evil sorceress, thus setting up the arc of revenge and retribution. After the well-produced cutscene-heavy tutorial chapter and in the game world proper, the player is quickly inundated by quests in service of one faction or another, leading them through the five major areas and dozens of locations.ngfhj1234