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  • New meetups default to have "Join Confirmation" set to enabled instead of disabled.
  • Group organizers (only) will see in their meetup's Information block how long they have left on their "all meetup features and tools" subscription, or it will show "Limited features" if your group is a listing only.
  • The person who creates a new event is now automatically RSVP'd for the event.
  • You can now buy or extend your current "all meetup features and tools" subscription through PayPal.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.

We're now in open beta.


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Made some changes today that should make creating and viewing meetings easier.

  • Added "Add Meeting" link at the top right of the calendar for organizers, members will see nothing.
  • Also added (for organizers only) a small icon in the calendar on today's date and each upcoming day that if clicked will create a new meeting for your game group with the start date and time preset to the day you clicked at 7:00pm.
  • Limited the meeting list that appears on a game group's main page to show just 3 meetings at a time. It's designed to allow you and your members to see the number of RSVP's and the venue of upcoming meetings quickly. Seeing more at a time isn't really needed since the calendar is right below it and shows more distant upcoming meetings. Limiting the size also helps keep the calendar near the top of the page.
  • removed avatars for meetings - keeps the layout cleaner, and would have seldom, if ever, been used.
  • fixed the broken url back to your group's main page when editing an meeting.


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  • If a venue has a thumbnail, it will now be shown in the Information block on the individual meeting pages.
  • Squashed a bug related to the individual venue privacy setting where it made some venues so private that only the organizer could see the venue


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  • Fixed an error where organizers were receiving two emails when someone requested to join (or joined - if Confirm Join is disabled) their meetup.
  • Meetings were ordered by create date instead of start date - fixed.
  • The "Create Venue" link on the Edit/Create Meeting page always linked to the first Meetup created instead of linking to the appropriate venue page - fixed.
  • Fixed a fatal error that happened when deleting a meeting.
  • Changed how the "Create a Venue First" note appears and works on the Add/Edit Meeting page. That should make it so when there is an error in the submitted form, there is no confusion with what the real error is.


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  • Guests in RSVP's weren't being handled correctly, i.e. they weren't being added to the number of attendees.
  • Setting max guests to 0 for a meeting was meaning no guests instead of no limit.
  • The links in the announcement email would only show "Access Denied" if you weren't already logged into the site. Now the email links will lead to a login window if you're not already logged in, and will redirect you to the correct page after logging in.
  • The "RSVP's changed" email sent to organizers was showing the previous "Number of Attendees" instead of the new number of attendees.
  • Changed the message unconfirmed members (members who haven't confirmed their email) see when trying to do an action only allowed by active members. The new message also allows them to resend the "Confirm your Email" email.


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  • Ajax Message Popups (the info popups that slide in and out when you do an action) now have a darker border and text to make it easier to read and notice. They will also remain on the screen for a couple of more seconds, to give people more time to read them.
  • Increased the number of places that now show unconfirmed members a message that they need to confirm their email before continuing instead of just showing access denied.
  • First name and last name are no longer required when joining.
  • People can now choose "unspecified" for gender/sex if they don't wish to specify.
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  • Changed the email template that is used when the organizer sends an email to all group members (the Broadcast tool).
  • Now whenever a member creates a new topic in a game group's private forum, an email is sent to all group members letting each of them know a new topic has been started. Beyond that a member can subscribe to that topic to get further updates if interested. So, unlike a straight mailing list, if you're not interested in a topic you just don't subscribe to it and therefore won't receive further updates on a topic you don't care about.
  • Other minor changes that should make using a meetup's private forum a better experience.


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  • Tracked down a database error that would happen only on occasion. Still not sure how people got to that weird state, but now when/if it happens it will no longer create a database error.
  • Fixed an error with the calendar where the "create meeting" shortcut on the calendar wouldn't appear correctly in future months (the day always had to be today's date or later for the shortcut to appear, regardless of the viewed month and year).
  • Fixed an error with RSVP permissions.
  • Added a "Browse Meetups by State" block to the homepage. Hopefully that will make it easier for people to find a group. More options anyway.


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Some BIG changes:

  • fixed error with the "Invite" button on the individual meetup pages. Also, minor changes to the email template for that.
  • the Manage RSVP's and Manage Attendance popup now scrolls instead of trying to jam everyone on one page.
  • removed "mood" from comments
  • changed some of the "Actions" buttons permissions.
  • some minor layout changes on the view News page.
  • Updated the "allow view" permission choices for News articles to match the other meetup objects (venues, meetings, etc).
  • BIG change: got rid of the "Subscription" action button. Replaced it with "Manage Notifications". This new popup will allow individual members to set, on a per meetup basis, which activities trigger a mail notification to be sent to them. So, someone who wants to keep informed of everything can check everything option, those who only want to be informed about a few things can do none. Currently, by default, you will be notified of new Comments (on the main page and on meeting pages), new news item, new meeting scheduled and forced RSVP change. By default, you won't be notified of new members or new venues.


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The date time picker (used when creating/editing meetings and setting your birthdate) has been changed to be more "American".

  • The calendar is now Sunday - Saturday, instead of Monday - Sunday.
  • The time is now shown and set in 12 hour time with am/pm instead of 24 hour time.
  • The minutes slider goes up by 5 minutes instead of 1.

Also, fixed an error with BGM mail (notifications weren't being sent), and updated some of the layout.



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  • Added repeating events - organizers should see the forum entry in the Organizers' Site Tools section for details.
  • Fixed the pagination for meetings and news.


Quote · 1696 days ago · 0 people like this ·
  • Fixed an error with the custom notifications - you could only change the notifications for one game group - now you can change all of them.
  • fixed an error with the "meetings" and "news" links (that was created with the last change-set)
  • after creating a new account, a user is now redirected to a page telling him/her that he/she must confirm his/her email. The same happens anytime an unconfirmed user tries to do anything on the site. Much better fix then was done earlier as this is more global.
  • RSVP listing and the organizer's "Manage RSVP / Manage Attendance" popup shows the member's first name (if set) and his/her username.
  • Added the day of the week abbreviation before event day/times, on the web site and in announcement emails.
  • a couple more minor fixes and tweaks.


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  • on the meeting page, changed past events to be sorted in descending order, left future events sorted in ascending order. That's more intuitive, since it means it's more of a timeline with the top of the page always being "now" and as you go down on the past page you go back in time and as you go done on the upcoming page you go ahead in time. In both cases, people usually want to see the meetings that are closest to right now in time.
  • changed how past events are stored and calculated. Now if a past event is ever deleted, whether by an organizer or by a possible future pruning script, the past event number will remain correct.
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  • added another notification type, that you can customize with "Manage Notifications" on each game group's main page. The new type is for comments posted on news postings. All current members had their fan data updated to automatically receive the new notification.
  • fixed the notification sent for a new news comment (it was sending the same as a meeting comment)
  • cleaned up the unnecessary escape symbols and encoded special characters sometimes sent in the email for comments
  • other minor fixes


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  • news articles are now listed from newest to oldest.
  • fixed the bug where the authors of news articles weren't being saved - so it would always show the viewer as the author.
  • minor fixes and changes.


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  • email notifications for new news items will now include the news item text (up to a set number of characters). If the news item exceeds the number of characters then the text is truncated and then concatenated with an ellipsis and a "more" link to the original post.
  • changed how comment and news text is formatted in notification emails.
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  • Squashed a bad bug. There were times a person would be denied access to viewing a venue that they had every permission to view. It depended on the location of the venue (in the database) and which meetups the person was a member.
  • When the custom notifications were last updated the default setting for all new members wasn't changed - so new members weren't being set to the right defaults. That has now been updated.


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Added an ".ics" download link to each meeting's description on each individual meeting page. Clicking that link will download a small .ics file that you can import (some computers will do so automatically) into your calendar application (most support modern calendar's support ics).

Also added a small ics icon in all the meeting lists, so people can download the ics while browsing all meetings.


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We're testing a new area of the web site: Conventions!

You'll need to contact an admin to post your convention. A list of requirements is given on the Conventions main page. Each convention has it's own area in the forums.

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Fixed an error on Chrome browsers where the calendar ajax popup wouldn't work.

Fixed a broken link in the email sent to the organizer of a new game group meetup.