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This Is How Fashion Girls Wear Leggings in the Winter.When you think of bundling up for winter, leggings are probably not the first piece of clothing that comes to mind. However, Victoria's Secret Angel and legging outfit aficionado Elsa Hosk just proved this staple is indeed an excellent choice for the season and can be just as stylish as it is in warmer months.Hosk paired her black leggings with a bright pink sweatshirt (which she Ugg Slippers casually tucked into the waistband of her leggings), a bomber jacket, an oversize scarf, and, of course, cool athletic sneakers. The key is to choose a longline bomber jacket for extra coverage, which makes leggings a more accessible choice for outside of the gym. The combination of these pieces makes for a warm, Ugg Boots Outlet comfortable outfit that you can easily add layers to for especially frigid winter days. Keep scrolling to see how stylish Hosk's outfit is and shop similar pieces for yourself (because winter is coming up quickly)!
The Truth Behind the Ugg Resurgence.As with any great love affair, fashion has a tendency to fixate on Ugg Australia certain items so intensely that the initial passion inevitably burns out. But, fickle as the industry may seem on the surface, its loyalty runs deep, and nowhere has that been more obvious than with the Ugg boots’ prominent resurgence over the past year.The cozy shoes from Southern California made their debut in 2004 Ugg Sale on Sienna Miller when she was spotted in full festival regalia that rendered her a bohemian style star overnight. Hollywood quickly took note, and soon every celebrity worth their salt could be seen rocking a pair (or five—as the style options were endless). Similar to the Juicy Couture tracksuit, the Ugg redefined the Ugg Boots On Sale status symbol as one that didn’t have to sacrifice comfort for luxury, and in doing so, it became a beacon of new millennial style.And like the flared pant before it, the Ugg boot was far too iconic not to return. When British Vogue declared in January of last year that it was back, Ugg Outlet some were skeptical (after all, it had only been a few years), but it quickly became clear that their premonition was correct. Not only were the boots back, they were flooding the pages of acclaimed fashion magazines, websites, and our favorite celebrity’s Instagram feeds. From the shins down, we were experiencing perpetual déjà Ugg Boots vu.
Two very important, relevant subject matters right now: leggings and holiday outfits. So naturally, we thought why not combine the two? Even better, why not bring some of your favorite stylish celebrities into the mix, e.g., Olivia Palermo, Kendall Jenner, and more? There's arguably been no bigger trend this year than leggings. Uggs On Sale They've surprisingly translated seamlessly to every season and have racked up a slew of celebrity endorsers (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Hailey Baldwin included).Dressing for the holidays, Cheap Ugg Boots meanwhile, can be a bit of a head-scratcher. You want to look like you tried without going to the effort of actually trying. (Hey, it's been a long year. We get it.) Enter leggings. While always comfy, when styled the right way, they can be polished, cool, and even holiday season–appropriate.With that, keep scrolling to see and shop our top five holiday legging outfits, inspired by cool celebs who regularly wear them well.