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Constant level of Fifa Coins activity
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Rewarding players after they have taken an approximate number of actions. This number can be roughly estimated by the player, but is never known accurately. This causes a moderate and constant level of Fifa Coins activity. Unlike the fixed ratio rewards schedule, the sharp rises in activity level are absent, so is the drop after getting the reward.

Game Application: In Diablo 2, the player gets level ups after gaining experience by killing enemies. But, the player doesn't know exactly how many hits will kill an enemy or how many enemies to kill to best place for Fifa Coins get a level up.Non-Game Context Application: Appraisal system for workplaces. Employees keep working at high levels throughout the year, in the hopes of getting a good appraisal result. Though, in most cases, they aren't sure of what exact set of actions will help in getting a good result.

Definition: Displaying information in real time, i.e., live vs displaying information after player actions have been completed. Real time display can be used to prompt the player to take instant action. Delayed information can be used to prompt the player to repeat a set of actions or to reinforce a sense of achievement. Both are effective in increasing engagement levels.