Creating a new Meetup
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How to create a new Meetup

There are a couple of places from which you can create a new game group meetup:

  1. On the Meetup Map Search page (use the link at the top of the page), there is a button on the right side of the page “Create Meetup”.
  2. Click on Account and in the right column under Content, there is an add link after the Meetup category.
  3. Click on Profile, then Meetup. From your My Meetups page there is an add new meetup link near the top of the page.

Once on the create page, fill in as much information as you can for better results. Fields that are marked with a red * are required fields. You can always come back and edit any of the entries.

Once you fill in the details, click Submit. You will then be redirected to your personal “My Meetups” page that will show you all the groups to which you belong, and those which you created or are in your area. You will be sent an email with some helpful info and a link to this forum.

Free Access to All Features

New game groups automatically receive all the features of our meetups for 60 days for free. These tools include use of venues, scheduling meetings, a calendar, a private members-only forum, member joining (can be automatic or can require your approval), meeting auto-announcments, RSVP tracking, RSVP limits (total number and number of guests each member can bring), etc. If you wish keep using all of our meetup tools you’ll need to purchase an upgrade for you game group to become a full featured group again or purchase an extension to remain a full featured game group.

You never have to pay to keep your group on our site. Your group will stay in our database and can still be found by those looking for a local game group, you just won’t be able to use the meetup tools.

Your Game Group's URL

When sharing your game group's URL with others or when linking from other web sites you can use either the full URL or a shortcut to your group's main page. This only works for your group's main page, but you can remove the 'view/' portion of the URL. For example, if your group's full URL is:

You can shorten that to:

The site will automatically expand that to the correct URL

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You can set an Avatar for your meetup, by either clicking "Edit" or "Add Photos" from your group's main page. For best results, avatar images should be 128x128 pixels and contain NO transparent areas.


Make sure to go to your Meetup's main page and read the map block. When non-members of your group visit your page that block will show a map of your group's location. (Your members will see nothing, you will see a block allowing you to adjust the location.) This location is used to determine your distance from those searching for local groups. Warning: since this is public information, do not set your map to a real location (unless you meet at a public location). Instead center the map over the closest major intersection, or over a subdivision. If your group meets in many places then set your map's location either near the place you meet the most, or somewhere in the middle of all the locations in which you meet.

Group Description / Follow Us Links

The description you set for your meetup is only shown to visitors to your group's page. After the description text, any "Follow Us" links you set will be shown, so visitors can instantly see where they can go for more information.

Venues / Meetings

Before creating your first meeting/event, you must create at least one venue. Your group can have a number of venues, each of which represents one real world location where your group meets. You can set the privacy of venues both globally (click "Edit" from your main meetup page) or separately (click "Edit" when viewing a specific venue). The most private of those two settings is used to determine who can view a venue.

Once you have one or more venues, you can start creating meetings. Each meeting will require that you choose which of your venues, your group will be meeting at for this event.

A venue avatar can be nearly any size but either 140x115 or 128x128 is best with no transparency.

Join Confirmation

One of the settings you can set when you add or edit a meetup is "Join Confirmation". This setting allows you to set how your game group accepts new members. If you set this to disabled, any BGM site member can join your game group without any input from you. If you instead set "Join Confirmation" to enabled, any BGM site member can only ask to join your meetup. The new member won't be added as a member until you OK him or her. If there are members waiting to be OK'd by you, they will appear at the top of your meetup's main page. They will only appear to you (and any co-organizers), no one else we see that you have people waiting to join.