Custom furniture
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Customized environment-friendly furniture sheet "Four-look" sheet as the core material of custom-made environmental furniture is the most important part of the composition of custom furniture and the use of the largest part of the choice of the quality and workmanship of the wardrobe, determines the overall wardrobe quality .custom wood fence designs

Different grades, sheet metal furniture sheet metal to determine the quality of different judgments, the general is to see the model section. From the perspective, blockboard is the upper and lower two or four veneer (also has more than four thickening of the veneer) close to the solid wood core, good quality blockboard core that cut flat surface, there is no gap; density Particleboard is a woody granular structure, but the combination is not close enough, light weight.what is the best plank length for composite decking

poor quality can even see a small hole; multi-layer (layer), the thickness of the plate is small, The board is made of several veneers, usually three or five layers. Quality of some veneer look good on the surface, but with a nail gently stroke, you can draw clear scratches - these furniture use the Bao Li paper, gorgeous paper board, wear resistance is poor.tongue and groove balcony floor