Extending Features/Subscription Rates
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New game groups automatically receive all the features of our meetups for 60 days for free. These tools include use of venues, scheduling meetings, a calendar, a private members-only forum, member joining (can be automatic or can require your approval), meeting auto-announcments, RSVP tracking, RSVP limits (total number and number of guests each member can bring), etc. If you wish keep using all of our meetup tools you’ll need to purchase an upgrade for you game group to become a full featured group again or purchase an extension to remain a full featured game group.

You don't have to wait for your subscription to run out before renewing. Any time you purchase additional subscriptions it is always added to the end of your current subscription. No need to worry about wasted time due to overlap since there is none.

To extend your subscription for your group, click the "Extend Features" button in the "Actions" block in the left column of your group's main page. If your subscription has lapsed the button will instead say "Get All Features".

The latest rates will be shown on that page. Currently (as of January 2013), the rates are as follows:

  • 1 month for $4.25
  • 3 months for $11.49 (which is a 10% discount and averages to $3.83 / month)
  • 6 months for $21.67 (which is a 15% discount and averages to $3.61 / month)
  • 1 year for $38.25 (which is a 25% discount and averages to $3.19 / month)