FIFA 17 The Journey: Complete Solution
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The The-Journey mode is a little strange: There's no place for a classic Guide / Walkthrough in which you pursue a fixed direction or need to perform fixed actions at certain times. Instead, it waits a story with different outputs to you who depend on how you beat you in the game. Moreover, in general is not entirely clear how it all works, because there is no hard and fast rules that determine which follow responses to certain actions. We try nevertheless enlighten the whole as well as possible for you.

After choosing your favorite club in the prelude menu to buy FIFA 17 coins online, the story begins with Alex Hunter and his best mate, Gareth Walker as they play on Sundays in the Amateur League in the Clapham Common lawn. Included is the legendary ex-pro and grandfather of Alex, his mother always helpful and be constantly fatigued father who cheer their offspring in the finals of the Kids Cup. The regular time is over already and the penalty shootout to determine the outcome of the game - you shall now get that last hit.

Scores her, the play ends with a huge applause of your team and your family for you. Screwed up her shot, missed and the next opponent and you get the next chance as Gareth - this shot hits but then guaranteed even if you targeted the stadium clock. Either way, you win the Cup and returns victorious and happy back home. At the same time you have in the match, the eye of the one or the other Scouts pulled on you - and the bitter anger of the father who has his career end still not overcome by injury.

FIFA 17 The Journey

It follows a time warp to the present day. Again are you (Alex), Gareth, Mother Hunter and Grandpa to see - this time at the infamous Exit Trials. You and Gareth have undergone an undisclosed Academy and it is your final chance to attract the attention of scouts and to get a foot in the door to the Oberliga. For this you must now achieve three objectives:

Failure to you that you can expect the game over screen and you have the opportunity to buy FIFA 17 coins online (note that you can not manually save or load your Score Do not worry. In our experience, the game automatically saves and relatively often your progress).

Also here you can also determine your position on the field. Four options are you to choose from: Left Wing, Right Wing, midfielder or striker. We recommend the midfield because her so a little more leeway to default, Ball recover and adjust you. This is surprising and important can you victory quite easier. On the expiry of the plot your position decision does not affect, so look for you from your favorite location.