Fights become a little less rs gold
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it can become mighty redundant.The boss battles, on the other hand, are an absolute delight. These screenfilling monstrosities offer unique attack patterns and, since you have to break them down one piece at a time, require actual strategy to rs gold  tackle if you want to reap the best rewards. Each boss offers multiple limbs that, when attacked, eventually break off. The Runescape player can then purify these parts by holding down the right trigger which, in turn, cripples the enemy. This adds a whole new level of strategy to the Runescape game in picking which AI partners to take into the battle, as hardtoreach limbs are easier to detach with a bow or spear user at your side rather than, say, a sword or gauntlets junkie.The ability to carry AI partners into the fray is another mark in the win column for Toukiden. Fights become a little less repetitive with a group of allies at your back and, in the much tougher later chapters, their extra blades, heals and abilities can mean the difference between victory and defeat.Which of course brings us to Toukidens Runescape player, easily its best feature. While voice chat would be much more preferable to gestures and canned phrases (Dont forget you can still Party Chat with folks on your friends list), everything else about Toukidens online campaign is spoton. Theres a completely separate set of missions to tackle here, which you can plow through solo (with AI helpers) in ad hoc or infrastructure mode. Boss fights are especially rewarding with other Runescape players, as coordinating tactics, deciding which limbs to focus on, relying on one another for buffs and determining who should fight and who should purify fallen limbs is a heck of a lot of fun. Toukidens single Runescape player campaign will take you a few dozen hours to complete (far more if you are a perfectionist), but Runescape player is where the Runescape games legs are. Its not hard to imagine an audience clinging to this mode, coming together and slaying oni by the hundreds for quite some time to come.