Ground to dry completely
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Ground to dry completely

As a floor mounted for heating water cycle geothermal heating methods, pay attention to the ground before the installation process, the shop floor geothermal ground within a radius of 2 meters of the range must be level, height difference can not be more than 3 mm. Ground to dry completely. In the floor installation process, monitoring of workers must not be installed in the drill hole hit the nail on the ground, so as not to hit the geothermal pipeline leak, so that geothermal systems running water, soaked floor scrapped.

Third, the installation of geothermal heating floor mats have special paper, Common foam mats can not be used. Installation of geothermal heating floor, be sure to use geothermal special paper mats, the mat has a thermal conductivity fast, non-deformation characteristics, and can not use regular foam mats. Thermal foam mats slow,

long-term and easy to produce harmful gases at a high temperature effect, endangering the health of consumers. Currently installed geothermal floor, the multi-use of imported mats, made of paper mats, heat easily deformed to cause damage to the floor."The first decoration,

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