Hair loss is an embarrassing topic
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Hair loss is an embarrassing topic, the root cause of hair loss is the head of the hair follicles on the structure of the congenital defects, when the degradation and atrophy. This defect is inherited, and this genetic performance is selective. Generally began to appear around the age of 20. At the same time, the levels of male hormones also affect the hair follicle degeneration and atrophy. Because there is a special type of androgen receptor in the hair follicle - serum two testosterone receptor, male hormone levels change, it will affect the combination with the receptor, to accelerate the degradation and atrophy of wigshumanhair hair follicles. Whether male or female, the body contains both male and female hormones, the two are in a state of balance. Improper diet, lack of sleep, mental stress, depression, work load weight of external factors, but also directly affect the endocrine, cause sex hormone imbalance, can accelerate hair loss. These are the reasons for hair loss. Male hormone levels are also the main cause of male hair loss full lace wigs uk and female hair loss, so it is also known as male hormone alopecia, or male hair loss.