How Baylor built a top-five team with no top-five
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<p>Lonzo Ball was terrible in the first half against Kentucky, but finished with 14 points, seven assists and five boards. Aaron Holiday was huge in the first half as the Bruins snapped UK's 42-game winning streak at Rupp.</p>

<p>Let's revisit the Fort Wayne loss. Not to poke Hoosiers fans, but to highlight the traits that make Indiana one of America's premier must-see squads. By the second half, any observer could see the Hoosiers were stuck in a rare offensive funk (7-for-24 from the 3-point line). Well, take the loss and go home, move on to the next game, right? No. That's not what the Hoosiers did. They switched to that 2-3 zone and pulled Fort Wayne into overtime, where James Blackmon Jr. (a Fort Wayne, Indiana, native) played with that I'll-never-hear-the-end-of-this-if-we-lose attitude. It wasn't enough. Indiana lost. Kudos, however, to a team that played a true road game and made Fort Wayne earn every bucket. That's why you set the DVR every time Indiana plays. The Hoosiers may fall again, but they'll throw left hooks and uppercuts until they hit the canvas.</p>wholesale hockey jerseys

<p>The Crimson looked dedicated to driving to the basket on most possessions from the start, collecting a number of easy looks when they shot near 60 percent in the opening minutes. It triggered a 13-2 spree that helped them open a 23-10 lead.</p>

<p>Krzyzewski, for one, isnt worried. He even has proof. As Tatum started to heat up -- he&rsquo;d finish with 22 points in 29 minutes -- Krzyzewski called a play for Jefferson, figuring hed been scoring on Florida all night.</p>cheap hockey jerseys

<p>In gyms around the world, recreational players will compete in pickup runs this weekend. And every court will feature a dude who is not there to win or boost his cardio. Nope. He has one mission: buckets. Don't ask him to play defense. He's allergic to it. That's NC State's roster. Dennis Smith Jr. (18.3 PPG) leads one of the nation's most talented offenses. Defense isn't a priority for a team, wholesale jerseys China however, that surrendered 88 points to Illinois in a loss and scored 94, but gave up 112 in a loss to Creighton. The Wolfpack is not here to get stops. Buckets. That's why they're in the gym. You need to see this show.</p>

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