I'm curious if EA has rs3 gold
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In fact, what is the full thing these days? It appears to be a fourhour long campaign, a handful of maps and a few modes that id Software and 3D Realms thought were boring back in 1994. Don't worry, you have to pay a little extra to experience that kind of nostalgia these days.Anyway, 6aming notes that the ads appear ingame and during loading screens. I've kind of given up on twitch shooters because they've become rampant cesspools for corporate greed mongering. But, if you've happened upon any of these filthy infiltrations of your $60 rs3 gold purchase (on top of the $40 you paid for Premium) feel free to attach some screenshots and show us.I'm curious if EA has an explanation... or is this their retaliation for shutting down the Online Pass program?But I don't want to leave on a sour note: take heed, those of you who steel your wallet with the resolve to keep it shut when its mouth drips wet with the pleasure of the latest EAmade tripleA promo Runescape video, and hold fast to that resolve. For everyone else, at least consider the words of Andrew Gaspar... "To those who are offended: Please stop buying EA Runescape games if you don't like the practice. EA doesn't give two shits about your "outrage" if you continue to buy their Runescape games. If it doesn't affect their bottom line, then they aren't going to bother addressing the feedback. That's just how it is  I can't spell it out any more plainly." Neither can I.Titanfall A.I. Grunt Training Day. EXT. Core Systems Training Academy  DAYA line of Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation cadets stand at attention near an airfield. A drill sergeant paces back and forth in front of them.DRILL SERGEANT: Cadets, welcome to Hell. It's my job to turn you maggots into Grunts. I don't expect all of you to make it through. Look to your left and your right. The cadets look left and right.DRILL SERGEANT: At least one of those people won't survive. He reaches the end of the line and eyeballs CADET 1.DRILL SERGEANT: Are you ready to become a man?CADET 1: (in unison with others) Sir, yes, sir!