Large group of X-Wing Miniatures for sale
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Hey everyone.  I am looking to sell my X-Wing Miniatures to an interested person in the Denver Metro area.  I do not want to have to ship all of it, so I really only want to sell to a Denver person or group.  Here is what I have:

2 copies of the base game

1 X-Wing Expansion (so, 3 total x-wings)

1 Tie Fighter Expansion (so, 5 total tie fighters)

2 Tie Advanced Expansions

2 Y-Wing Expansions

1 Millennium Falcon Expansion (opened, but still has original box)

1 Slave One Expansion (also opened, also still has box)

2 Tie Interceptor Expansions

2 A-Wing Expansions

1 extra set of the game dice

Everything is well organized into the two base game boxes, the two large expansion boxes, 2 large Plano boxes, and 2 small Plano boxes.  Want to send everything together. 

Looking to get $180 cash for it.  I can meet somewhere or even make a delivery to a game day.  Let me know here if you're interested and give me some way to contact you.  I am going to some garage sales, etc, this weekend which is one reason I am looking to move these.  If you're interested let me know.  My preference is to sell sooner rather than later. 

FYI - this is Brad for those of you in the Reunion Gamers who may know me.