Neverwinter AD is good for your AOE damage
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Main feat points

Endless Assault, makes your encounter powers deal max 6% more damage which is fairly straight forward.


Great Weapon Focus, increase your At-will powers 10% damage bonus.


Deep Gash, is good for your AOE damage, critical strikes to make enemy bleed and 15% damage.


Focused Destroyer amazing high damage and grants an additional 3.5% bonus damage per stack of Destroyer in module 3.


Destroyer's Purpose, most powerful feat in this build, now when cheap neverwinter zen you deal damage while Unstoppable, you can gain max 20 stacks of Destroyer's Purpose. Each stack increases your damage by 1% lasts 20s.


Scale Agility, gain 5% chance to deflect attack.


Powerful Challenge, deals 15% damage neverwinter zen bonus for your market enemy. Mix with Threatening Rush is great.