Neverwinter Zen hunter ranger build
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Neverwinter hunter ranger build

At-will: Rapid Shot/Rapid Strike, Hunters Teamwork/Careful Attack
Encounters: neverwinter ps4 astral diamonds Hindering Shot/Hindering Strike, Rains of Arrows/Rain of Swords, Fox Cunning/Fox Shift (Thorn Ward/Thorn Strike, Ambush/Bear Trap)
Daily: Disruptive Shot, Forest Ghost
Features: Aspect of the Serpent, Aspect of the Pack

Fox Cunning → Rapid Strike → Careful Attack → Rain of Arrows → Hindering Strike → Hindering Shot → Fox Shift → Hindering Shot / Fox Cunning → Rain of Swords → repeat
Here, the Hindering fast cheap neverwinter zen ps4 delivery speed cheapest astral diamonds ps4 Shot/Hindering Strike can replace of the Thorn Ward/Thorn Strike if you have it. If you slot the Ambush/Bear Trap can make you high survivability, a good follow up power is Fox Shift with high Ambush bonus damage.

Key Points
Hunters Teamwork on near death mobs and Careful Attack on tough mobs and bosses.
Aspect of the Serpent is the key in this build, can give you 15% extra damage on the next hit, and if you buy cheap neverwinter astral diamonds do it right, getting the 9%-15% damage bonus all the time is no problem.
Bloodthirsty, make your melees with 15% damage.
Agile Hunter, your melee encounter powers reduce the cooldown of your ranged encounter powers by 1s.