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Welcome! We're so glad you chose to be a part of our community. This post is part of the Terms of Use for our site. Please read all the way through before doing anything on this site (our full Terms of Use contains all the usual fine print - this post contains specifics that pertain just to our site).

First, this site is not an online social site. This site is all about finding real people to meet and play games with face-to-face out in the "real world". As such, please use common sense and follow all the advice about the precautions you should take when meeting people offline. Like most sites, nearly everyone here is a decent person, and they are here to play games and make friends. But, as with any place with a large crowd, there is the risk that not everyone is. So, as always, trust your instincts, and pay attention to those times when something doesn't feel right. No one here can be held responsible for anything that happens when you meet in the real world. If someone online is harassing you, you can block them. Also, tell the admins, as we reserve the right to delete any profile determined to be harassing others. And if need be, report them to the authorities.


You'll need to confirm your email before you can do much of anything on the site. To remind you, you'll actually lose access to some things on the site until you confirm your email. We reserve the right to delete any account that goes too long without confirming. We also reserve the right to delete, without warning, any profile that is designed as a marketing/sales profile and not a profile of someone who is here to find fellow gamers.

Creating New Groups/Meetups

Please only create groups that are true regular game groups. Use the forums and the find and mail functions to set up special or once in a blue moon events. Use the forums for conventions. We reserve the right to delete any meetup listing that isn't a regular meeting group. At some point we may put in place something just for conventions.

Host/Member Decline/Remove/Leaving/Joining Groups - Important - Everyone Read!

1. All of us who attend game groups, remember the first time we went to some stranger's house and the nervousness that goes with that. Please realize, that nervousness is also on the host's side. Hosts invite people to their homes not knowing exactly who or what kind of persons will be showing up. And that too is a scary proposition. Why am I telling you this? Because, organizers have the right to decline anyone from their group or kick anyone out of their group. It's their home, and just like we gamers need to trust our instincts, so do organizers. That's not a reason to bad mouth a group or an organizer.

2. Not everyone fits in with every group. Sometimes there are people whose personality and/or gaming style just doesn't fit with the rest of the group and it can start splitting the established group. In those cases an organizer may have to ask someone to leave the group - which I can tell you from experience is awful and one of the hardest and most stressful things an organizer has to do. Organizers don't take that lightly and usually try putting it off as long as possible, in hopes that people settle in and jell with the group. I'm not asking that you feel good about being asked to leave but I am asking you to understand. Being removed or asked to leave is NOT a reason to start bad mouthing an organizer or a group. Unfortunately, it's just a part of life; the down side to being with other people, is feelings sometimes get hurt and misunderstandings happen. There are lots of groups out there and when you are part of a group you do fit in with, you will enjoy that group far, far more. Whether it feels like it or not, the organizer has done you a favor, So, if you are declined, removed or asked to leave a group, use that as an opportunity to find a group that fits you better or start your own!

2b. Hosts, same thing applies when someone chooses to leave your group. That is also not a reason to start badmouthing that individual. If a person realizes that he or she isn't a good fit for your group, then that person just did you a favor by leaving.

2c. Some groups are designed to be small, consistent groups (especially RPG groups), those organizers will, by necessity, be more picky on who they allow to enter, as they need to make sure the commitment and fit is there before letting you join. So, all the above notes above apply here. Some organizers may even have a trial period.

3. The host is taking a risk, just as we gamers are. Realize, some organizers may require that you answer certain (or all) profile questions, or respond to some other questions via email. Organizers have every right to do so. You, likewise, have the right to ask organizers any questions before you join the group. The goal of all of us here is to gather to have fun playing games and that can't happen if people don't feel safe. So, ask and answer the questions required by all parties involved so people on both sides can feel safe.

Have Fun!

Remember to be a good guest (or host) and a good sport!

Here a few things to think about to be a good guest: RSVP whenever possible instead of just showing up. You show up on time or when you can't, you tell the organizer about what time you'll arrive. If the group has snacks, you bring some on occasion. You treat their house and property better than you treat your own. You follow the host's rules for smoking, alcohol, children, drinks, food, talking of religion and politics, etc. You honor a hosts RSVP limit and don't just show up when you know the meeting has RSVP'd full.

Happy Gaming!


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Action Blocks

On some pages you'll see an "Actions" block. The largest of these blocks is the one on an individual game group's main page. Here is the current list of what each button does and who can use/see it.

  • Edit (organizers) - edit the details about the game group
  • Delete (organizers) - deletes the game group and all of its data. Be careful with this - there is no way to get this data back!
  • Share (everyone) - share this game group with one or more social web sites
  • Broadcast (organizers) - send an email to everyone in your group
  • Join/Leave (join: depends on group settings; leave: group members) - join or leave a group. Some organizers require approval before you can join. In that case, join merely sends an email to the organizer, letting him or her know someone new wishes to join. The next time the organizer logs on, a new block appears at the top of the right column listing those new potential members. From there the organizer can approve or disapprove the request.
  • Invite (organizers & co-organizers) - sends an email invitation to someone to check out the game group.
  • Add Photos (depends on group settings) - upload photos for the meetup
  • Add Files (depends on group settings) - upload files for the meetup
  • Manage Notifications (group members) - This will show a popup that will allow you to set, on a per meetup basis, which activities trigger a mail notification to be sent to you. So, someone who wants to be kept informed of everything can check every option, those who only want to be informed about a few things can uncheck everything. Currently, by default, you will be notified of new Comments (on the main page, meeting pages and news pages), new news item, new meeting scheduled and forced RSVP change. By default, you won't be notified of new members or new venues.
  • Add News (organizers & co-organizers) - create a new news item
  • Add Venue (organizers & co-organizers) - create a new venue
  • Add Meeting (organizers & co-organizers) - schedule a new meeting
  • Purchase Features/Extend Features (organizers) - purchase a new or extend a current subscription to the full features for your game group.
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