Oily hair should not be washed every day
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Hair conditioner shampoo can be used to correct the use of hair conditioner on the hair care. Use conditioner should pay attention to is, conditioner should be rubbed Fashao, try not to get into the scalp, otherwise it will make the hair more greasy, increase the risk probability of seborrheic alopecia. A low-fat diet in the diet prevent seborrheic http://www.wigshumanhair.co.uk/ hair loss, should pay attention to drink plenty of water, eat some after slow processing of fresh green vegetables, and meat with lean protein is appropriate, such as river fish, chicken and so on. After dinner drink some warm mint tea, adhere to eat two fresh fruit, also can take a small amount of vitamin E and yeast tablets, and to abstain from alcohol and tobacco. Oily hair in the body most of the lack of vitamin B2, vitamin B6, oily hair quality people usually use ground out of the oil scalp shampoo to counter the, but Henan College of traditional Chinese Medicine First Affiliated Hospital, dermatology chief physician Li Meng said, it just is wrong, it is possible to wash the hair the more the more oil. This is because the glueless lace wigs hair roots in endocrine sebum is certain, that is secreted to some degree will no longer secrete, too often shampoo, can only lead to sebaceous gland secretion of sebum again, but add up the oil level.