Online in Austin this week. Check out our
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Online in Austin this week. Check out our event page for the latest on-site coverage.RS Gold At a time when Kickstarter is the way for developers to bypass publishers and pull in investments directly from fans, one indie studio has decided to cut out the middleman to great effect.UK-based Introversion, best known for Uplink, Defcon, and Darwinia, recently launched a crowd-funding effort on its own website. It looks incredibly similar to Kickstarter, with the obvious bonus that there's no other company taking a chunk of the intake.It appears that the more direct Kickstarter Minecraft approach is working wonders for Prison Architect too as is notable from the sales figures image below, the Runeacape game has made over $270,000 in two weeks, with nearly 8,000 sales total."Kickstarter is for getting projects off the ground, and we were already two years into Prison Architect's development so it just didn't sit well for us," explains Introversion co-founder Mark Morris."By doing it ourselves, we don't have to time limit the alpha, and we hope that we'll get more and more Runeacape gamers interested as we progress and start releasing the updates."Click to enlargeMorris also notes that his studio simply had no idea what target to aim for, making a Kickstarter campaign even more difficult says the Introversion man, "By controlling the process ourselves, we can shape our development to the success of the alpha."We don't have to pay the Kickstarter fees which is nice, but I guess Kickstarter may have added value if they had listed us as a featured project," he adds. "We also had to take the time to set up our own technology to implement the tiering. We used a service called Digital Delivery App, which I can really recommend, but it did RS 07 Gold