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Barlow explained that his 2015 game has been a triumph, not only in terms of critical and commercial success, but also in proving to the designer that, in the video game medium, a player's brain is still the world's most powerful game engine.This game was an attempt to push a certain type of storytelling in an extreme direction to prove a point to myself,'rdquo he said. It reinforces my belief that the directions in which I was pushing were fruitful. Cheap RS Gold 'rdquoThat power derives specifically from the player's imagination, which is agitated by ambiguity in storytelling. In the game, players trawl a database as they try to piece together the story of a murder, told via 300 dispersed clips, spliced from a series of interview sessions with detectives. Players cannot access the clips in chronological sequence. Rather, they must use search terms to query the database. If a chosen term appears in the transcript of one or more clips in the database, it is presented for viewing. In this way you begin to dredge through the archive, gradually piecing together the story in a nonlinear order.Barlow, who had the idea of using found police tapes as a delivery mechanism for a story after watching Sharon Stone's audition tapes for the film Basic Instinct, cheaprsgolds referenced Ernest Hemingway's maxim that writers should only show the 'top of the iceberg', leaving the reader to use their imagination to fill in everything below the water, and therefore deepen their involvement in the story.When a player's imagination adds the detail, the story becomes a lot more powerful,'rdquo he said. The art is in not showing things.'rdquoThis is something that games generally do badly, said Barlow. Modern video games are obsessed with continuous time and space,'rdquo he said. All of the story beats are controlled by the player. This removes the ambiguity. We have less and less of a role for the imagination in this kind of game.RS 07 Gold 'rdquoBarlow pointed out that some of the problem is related to the fact that, if a game's story is also the delivery mechanism for its mission objectives, then there's no room for ambiguity abstruseness becomes a user interface issue.