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What is, How to & Tips | How Much Does it Cost to Paintball? The economy is tough. There is no doubt about that. Its common for people to take their minds off real world problems by doing something fun and recreational. While some might not view getting hit by speeding ball of paint to be fun- others live for it! So here is the dilemma: You want to take your mind off of things but cant afford to dish out a large amount of dough to do it. You are not alone. Its true that paintball is not the cheapest sport to participate in- there is quite a bit of equipment that is required to play. Lets look how much it costs to paintball!


Paintball analysts have suggested that paintball is the most expensive extreme sport in the world today. There are a few ways to save money when playing paintball.


Course Fees


If you play paintball at an organized course there will more than likely be a fee charged just to use the field. The average field entry fee runs about $15. Of course, this fee can vary widely depending on the field. Look for fields that allow you to bring your own paint. If a field requires you to buy and use the paint they provide they will likely overcharge you for paintballs.




The cost of paintballs can add up quickly. While $3-$5 will buy you a bag of 500 paintballs, these wont last very long. Surprisingly adidas superstar baratas mujer , you can fly through 1000 paintballs in an hour if you are a heavy shooter. Try to buy paintballs in bulk (2000 or more) because you tend to get a break in the price with the more you buy. If you cant buy that many see if you and some friends can divide the bulk order up.


CO2 Cartridges


In order for your gun to work you must have CO2 tanks. These tanks will cost around $3-$5 per tank.


Equipment Rental


If you cant afford to go out and buy paintball gear and a gun you can rent it. Renting is only a good idea if you dont play a lot. If you do play a lot then you are better off investing in your own equipment because it will be cheaper in the long run.


Food and Drink


A long day of paintball tends to work up and appetite and thirst. Bring your own food and drinks instead of purchasing them at the course. Food at the fields is not cheap.


Bottom Line


Taking all of the costs mentioned above into account, the average day of paintball will cost a person that rents gear anywhere from $50 to $100. As said before, this is a big price tag for a day of fun- especially in this economy. Instead of renting, see if you can borrow gear that is not being used from some of your friends. There are always ways to cut down on costs. If you cant stand paying field fees consider making your own field with friends!


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