Recurring/Repeating Meetings
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I've had issues with recurring/repeating meetings on every social site, I've ever tried. Recurring meetings are easy until someone wants to change something Smile. No system is perfect and no system will work for everyone in every situation; but what's worse is not knowing how a site handles, recurring meetings. When you know how the system works it's easier to work within the framework. So, to that end, here is how repeating meetings are handled here.

When first created, a number of meetings will be created: 6 for weekly meetings, 4 for any other interval. Recurring meetings will be scheduled for the same day of the week as your initial meeting. You will be auto-rsvp'd for the initial meeting but not the others. Further new recurring meetings won't be created until a previous meeting has ended (your group is checked once a day). So, If you delete all the upcoming events, no further events will be added, since a new meeting is never scheduled until one ends.

Once created, meetings can be edited/moved/deleted and it won't affect future recurring events. The only exception is the last scheduled meeting in a series of recurring meetings. The last meeting is always used as the template for new events, including determining the repeat interval and the day of the week to schedule repeat meetings. To remind you of this, you can only change the "repeat interval" and "repeat until" settings in the last scheduled meeting, in all other meetings, those settings will be replaced with a note and a link to the last scheduled meeting.

So, changes to the last scheduled meeting apply to all future meetings. Also, if you delete the last scheduled meeting, the new last scheduled meeting will be used for creating new meetings (important to remember if you made changes to the deleted meeting and not any previous ones).