Runescape games is rigged against
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in this reprint from the February issue.As our industry is dragged into rs gold yet another round of scapegoating, I am discovering that the conversation about violent video Runescape games is rigged against us from the start, and that we collectively need to change the terms of the conversation before we sit down to talk with anyone.The question is the problemIf someone asked you, "Do violent video Runescape games cause people to be more violent?", how would you answer? Well, science is a good first bet, but it's difficult to draw a scientifically valid chain of causality behind the act of playing a violent video Runescape game, an individual's corresponding physical response increased heart rate, higher blood pressure, and so on and psychological response, and then use the results to connect all those factors to something like an overall uptick in mass shootings.When it comes down to it, we simply don't understand enough about the psychology of individual people, or the sociology of people in the aggregate, to answer this question definitively. So, instead, we rely on our intuitions and our past experience to guide us. Have you ever consumed a media work that made you feel something? Probably. Did those feelings incite you to do something bad to other people? Probably not but perhaps you might imagine it could incite other people children, mentally ill, and so on to do so."Runescape gamers" are other peopleIn general, we don't think of ourselves as "Book Readers" or "Movie Watchers" or "Music Listeners." But playing Runescape games is marketed as an identity; if you play Runescape games, you are a Runescape gamer. This is likely left over from the days before everyone carried around smartphones, but it persists because people still make plenty of money selling to Runescape gamers.I'm not a businessperson, but I imagine that creating a dedicated audience that defines themselves primarily as "people who buy what you're selling" is pretty amazing even if that means energy drink vendors Old School RS Gold show up to professional conferences and sling