Solid wood flooring
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Solid wood flooring into the market in the relatively mature today, enterprises face fierce competition in the domestic market, part of the solid wood flooring companies in technological innovation, product innovation, marketing innovation, management innovation, channel innovation and other efforts to create a strong brand; Enterprises will turn their attention to the international market, seeking to open up new space for development.composite patio furniture patterns

Solid wood flooring companies in the international market performance with other textiles, clothing and other fields, are low-cost, large-scale "OEM manufacturing" advantages of world-renowned as many international brands of global manufacturing base or processing plant. But with the resource factors such as increased manufacturing costs.installing interlocking deck boards

China's solid wood flooring companies in the international market competitive advantage will be limited; the other hand, the layout of the entire industrial chain system to see the majority of solid wood flooring companies are in the low-end competition, Self-brand, the lack of core technologies, leading enterprises in the international market competition in the future lack of stamina. Wood flooring brand from advertising to the terminal building efforts are significantly enhanced.marina deck panels