The soundtrack of ICY is excellent
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The soundtrack of ICY is excellent. The music whistles and howls in the background like an Arctic wind laced with ghosts and the twinging of bows and roaring of gunfire indicate when you’ve chosen to unleash an arrow or make use of your limited ammo. RS 3 Gold This is what ICY is all about – choices. Whether you’re deciding how to intervene in a dispute between two members of your group or whether to risk entering an unstable building in search of loot, you will live and die by the decisions you make.These decisions begin on the start menu, where you must make use of limited skill points to give your character a rating in three main categories – Mind, Body and Word – and subcategories which include Bow, Melee, Medicine and Stealth.


A character with high ratings for Body and Melee will be strong enough to endure the bitter cold and fare well in battle, but will they be able to make smart choices or bend others to their way of thinking with the power of Word? RS Gold You will live and die by the decisions you make The gameplay of ICY can be broken down into three modes. In conversation you will speak to individuals or your group, selecting your words from a range of predetermined options which can lead to different outcomes but often simply advance the story.


When hunting, scavenging or in battle, a screen will appear presenting you with different scenarios and choices, e.g. A number of enemies are in close proximity to each other. Do you want to shoot at them, throw a grenade at them or run away?. Old School RS Gold Making the smart choice – in this case, throwing a grenade – will result in damage for the opponent and a morale boost for you. Making a wrong choice will have the opposite outcome. Finally, there is the map.