There are more Rodríguezes and Gonzálezes than Smi
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<p>As they build toward their expected surge in 2019, the Phillies have the money to spend: They were 26th in payroll last season. Philadelphia&rsquo;s deal with Odubel Herrera last week represents their only contractual obligation beyond 2017, and with the new collective bargaining agreement locked in and the Phillies taking in a river of revenue, the money is there for the Phillies to deploy. Not putting it to work in the market is the baseball equivalent of stuffing dollars under a mattress. The Cubs did this as they reconstructed their franchise from 2012 through 2015, signing the likes of Scott Feldman and Jason Hammel and then subsequently including them in deals for Jake Arrieta and Addison Russell.</p>

<p>It’s not really over, is it? The Blue Jays signed Kendrys Morales earlier in the offseason, making it seem unlikely Encarnacion would return.&nbsp;Maybe that’s still the case, though Encarnacion’s lengthy stay on the market has caused some to wonder if a reunion could still happen. There’s a clear need here, as Justin Smoak is set to open the season as the team’s DH. Plus, we know Encarnacion loved playing in Toronto. Early in the free-agent process, he made it clear they were the favorite.</p>

<p>It went beyond the quality of Sale's stuff or the uniqueness of his delivery, too. After everything he had been through over the past year, the White Sox thought he would be able to handle being rushed to the big leagues.</p>

<p>There’s just no practical fit with these clubs. The Tigers have Miguel Cabrera and Victor Martinez locked in at first and DH. The three National League teams aren’t moving their current guys to make space for Encarnacion.</p>

<p>The Royals are slightly more interesting. While they probably don’t have the money to add Encarnacion, the team did give $72 million to Alex Gordon last offseason. That might be the limit for them, though, and Encarnacion is likely looking for more. On top of all that, a fair amount of the Royals’ core will be free agents following the 2017 season, and it doesn’t make sense to bring in a big-name guy if a rebuild is coming soon.</p>

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<p>With the offseason underway, Heyward is looking to get his swing back on track. The 27-year-old showed off some of the changes he’s been working on thus far, and it looks like Heyward could feature a much different stance next year.</p>

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