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very invested in those Runescape games ," she says. "I Cheap RS Gold don't think it'll be like The Sims, where there's this huge, broad, mass market where lots of people have played it. Some played The Sims for the fabulous user generated content, and some played it for the sim."Maybe there's a Runescape game for mobile where you get a little bit of both, where you can get that user generated, content sharing, community feeling that I love."The term "user generated" revolves around the creation of content, but the concept is just as much about the ability to share, Shaw points out."I actually think Draw Something was an interesting user generated, shared content Runescape game," she says. " Developer Omgpop actually did stuff for sharing, like posting your drawings on Facebook pretty easily. There were problems I had with that Runescape game, but they did those parts pretty well, and it was pretty entertaining. There's a direction to go there there's something there."LoyaltyTo Joost van Dreunen, CEO at SuperData Research, user generated content is more than just a way for online Runescape game makers to keep a constant flow of content coming in to Runescape players."I think that online, you'll have a different need for user generated content in the sense that it allows people to take ownership of the Runescape game they're participating in," he says. "I spent a lot of time for my dissertation studying Command Conquer Generals. You had a few types of Runescape gameplay single Runescape player mode, online, then you have people who take the editor, and tell a story with their own maps."They create this mythology around a particular Runescape game," he continues. "To allow that is to ensure yourself as a publisher that you'll have a very loyal fanbase. That's really the way to rope them in. The difficulty on the design side is that you have to develop something that allows a degree of agency, real or illusory, and that's very difficult to do."It's quite remarkable how, with less control, less authority, runescape gold from an IP holder or a license company,