Which Log Splitter is best for you
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Wide choice of firewood processors, Log Splitters, log saws, log conveyors and more. There are vertical and horizontal log splitters, some Log Splitters even come with there own axles or trailers for transporting on the road. There are Tractor Hydraulic or Tractor PTO driven log splitters, Petrol engine or electric motor log splitters. We can even build special Log Splitters to suit individual requirements. There is a range of Saw Benches and Log Saws, Log Saw Conveyor combinations, with or without splitters and Firewood Processors. There is also a range of Band Saws. Cnsuperpower have everything you need for domestic and commercial woodfuel production. Information we need to offer advice on which Log Splitter is best for you: Is it for commercial or private use? What timber, i.e. hardwood or softwood? What diameter? What length do you usually cut your logs to? Are you interested in Electric, petrol engine, Tractor powered by PTO or tractor powered by the tractor hydraulics? If it is a tractor one what model & horse power is it? If it is electric do you have single phase or 3 phase electric at the place it is being used. To help you decide what size Log Splitter you need use the following as a guide for splitting average / good timber with a single knife into two pieces. They will of course split bigger diameter timber but this is a general guide that will make sure you are happy with your Log Splitter even if you have bad timber: 5 ton = maximum diameter of 12cm 8 ton = maximum diameter of 20cm. 9 Ton = maximum log diameter of 25cm 11-12 ton = maximum log diameter of 30cm 14 ton = maximum log diameter of 40cm 18 ton = maximum log diameter of 50cm 22 ton = maximum log diameter of 60cm 25 ton = maximum log diameter of 70cm 30 ton = maximum log diameter of 80cm 40 ton = maximum log diameter of 100cm 60 ton = maximum log diameter of 140cm 100 ton = maximum log diameter of 200cm If the timber is very bad with lots of knots and twists or is ‘Seasoned’ then you will need more power for the diameter. Especially if it is Seasoned Hard wood such as Oak, as this becomes very hard to split. When a vertical splitter is available with a 4 way knife you should consider the following: The 4 way is for splitting one Log / piece of timber into four equal Logs. The timber should be nice and straight with no big knots The timber should be straight grained and not all twisted. So if the 4 way knife is for a 12 ton machine then the maximum diameter is 30cm, you should not put a larger diameter Log / piece of timber in and split off two small bits and 2 big bits as it might jam and damage the log splitter. Log Splitter: http://www.cnsuperpower.com/product/log-splitter/