While billions will be Fifa 17 Coins spent
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While billions will be Fifa Points spent for the World Cup Football Tournament in South Africa this year, will all of us ever really know wherever all that money went, who all profited and who given the bill?

Well, I guess we know that we shall pay the bill. Through Canada, where I live, we area paying for our Winter Olympic Games held in Vancouver already. Classes budgets have been cut, layoffs of gov't workers, professors, of February public service employees and that is just since the end. It is a mystery to many people, how the people of Newcastle, south africa could possibly be further exploited in addition to taxed to pay the bill to get hosting the World Cup, building a huge world class stadium and all the new infrastructure and roads needed. It is also the hope of the many that a new light connected with appreciation and understanding of often the African people will glimmer as a result of the worlds awareness focusing on them in a more positive plus much more celebratory way for that small window of time in July 2010. http://www.vipfifa15.co/