Wood flooring natural appearance solid wpc floor
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Wood flooring natural appearance solid wpc floor

Wood flooring natural appearance, good insulation effect, is Home Furnishing ground decoration materials used, a lot of friends of wood flooring is not very understanding, the following Xiaobian to introduce wood flooring profiles, and wood flooring maintenance notice. Solid wood composite floor of the introduction of three layers of solid wood flooring for the quality of the surface of the precious wood chips,

the middle and the bottom of the fast-growing wood, with hot glue. The surface thickness of 4 mm core layer in the 8 ~ 9 mm, the bottom layer of about 2 mm, the total thickness is generally in the range of 14 ~ 15 mm. Multilayer parquet with multilayer plywood as base material, the surface is inlaying plate or piece of hardwood veneer, glue and hot pressed. The base layer of the plywood must be a single usually three or five layers, such as the surface of the hardwood, the thickness is usually about 1.2 mm, planing plate for the 0.2 ~ 0.8 mm,

the total thickness is usually not more than 12 mm. Parquet wood flooring wood with natural appearance, comfortable, noise insulation and other advantages, but also overcome the shortcomings of easy deformation of solid wood flooring (each layer of wood fiber perpendicular to disperse the deformation and stress). And the specification is large, easy to lay. The disadvantage is that the poor quality of the glue will appear degumming. In addition, because the surface layer is thin (especially multilayer), must pay attention to maintenance. So there are restrictions on the use of occasions. Solid wood composite floor glue glue, the amount of formaldehyde emission is a very important indicator. Countries have mandatory standards,

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