accessories decking
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accessories decking

The color of the curtain to choose gauze shade, color with curtain color close to the best, choose the same color, not too much contrast.If the curtain design and color is very complex, the gauze shade on reflect some elements in the curtain as far as possible;If the curtain is very simple but ccc, gauze shade can directly choose white plain coloured or transparent small jacquard,

etc.POINT3. Not necessary accessories increase overall prices in all sorts of modelling of complex curtain design, contains the curtain in a wide range of accessories and attachments.A curtain must use accessories including orbit or curtain rod, hook or curtains, cloth belt.Window curtain accessories have a sakura, the curtain ring or hanging ring, lead wire, hanging belt, plunge into the ball, lace, etc.,

these complementary makings and fittings are all have adornment effect, too many accessories accessories, not only increased the overall price curtain, also not easy to do, cleaning trouble.Accessories cloth belt general merchants in the price of 15 yuan/meters,

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