advantages and disadvantages of solid wpc deck
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advantages and disadvantages of solid wpc deck

The above content is play Xiaobian to introduce how to install the wood flooring and wood flooring collocation, more relevant knowledge, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network.Skirting line is a kind of decorative material for connecting wall and floor. A wide variety of baseboard, the following small series to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood skirting line and wood skirting line. Wood baseboard,

wood skirting line visual feeling softer, looks very comfortable, easy installation operation, but the wood surface often have traces of repair, and poor wear resistance, easy to change due to weather arching phenomenon. Life is relatively short, usually about five or six years, the surface may be worn mottled.

wood skirting line: it is divided into solid wood baseboard and density board skirting line, generally in the 6-20 yuan a meter, the effect is better. Wood skirting line in the high-end of the line is a solid wood baseboard, durable, high-grade atmosphere.

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