attention to seasonal seasonal climate wpc floor
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attention to seasonal seasonal climate wpc floor

Do not think that the floor is only sensitive to water vapor, dry air with the damage to the floor, dry climate makes the floor dry cracking. On windy days, indoor ventilation should be avoided. When necessary, the humidifier can be used for humidifying the floor. 2, pay attention to seasonal seasonal climate change is different, on the floor of the maintenance according to climate change, timely measures. In the hot season,

the floor is prone to expansion. Therefore, the shop floor space must be used with air conditioning or electric fans to cool the floor, cool and cool. In the cold season, the floor will be enlarged after cold. Maintenance should pay attention to indoor ventilation time should not be too long. 3, often waxing to maintain the most important thing is the polished wood floor wax. Wood floor used for a period of time,

the need to conduct a waxing, so that it can send out the residual moisture, but also to extend the service life of the floor. In addition, the floor should be waxing once a quarter to maintain the surface of the floor of the light and waterproof performance. 4, pay attention to control the use of water in the daily maintenance of the floor, cleaning is a necessary item. General stains can be used to deal with soft dry cloth,

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