buy East households
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buy East households

four less, five there is an empty." the lack of the southwest corner of the northwest corner of the Do not buy (on the family is not good). a son and the East is built toilets do not buy (will affect the son's physical and mental health and the future).the northwest corner for the toilet, do not buy the kitchen (the main fierce).

the owner is a rabbit do not buy East households (East door west, with the rabbit clash). Now prices are rising, the majority of salaried friends, buyers must be cautious, I hope to introduce you to the purchase of 16 feng shui taboos, can help you successfully selected to Xinxinruyi new homes,

for more knowledge to buy a house and decoration , Welcomed the attention of every home decoration network. In this case,Home to install the pvc floor, floor dust or dirt how to clean. Pvc flooring for a long time, there discoloration, loss of gloss of the maintenance? Pvc floor cleaning and maintenance need to pay attention to what? If you do not know or want to know to come see it.

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