by the anterior hairline gradually
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by the anterior hairline gradually Always lose the hair of the human body often iron deficiency. Iron rich foods are soybeans, black beans, eggs, octopus. Shrimp, cooked peanuts, spinach, carp, bananas, carrots, potatoes, etc.. Eat more alkaline substances containing fresh vegetables and fruits. One of the factors that cause loss and hair loss is due to the acidic toxins in the blood, because of the physical and mental. Excessive fatigue, long time eating pure sugar and fat foods, so that the body in the process of producing acid toxins. Liver, meat, onions and other acidic substances in food easily lead to excessive acid toxins in the blood, so to eat less. Massage You may wish to try traditional Chinese medicine of "catch the five classics", the specific method of operation is: hand Puzhu forehead, another palm and fingers all posted on the head, fingers separated, and grasping method, by the anterior hairline gradually moved to the occipital, continuous for more than 5 minutes, repeated every day.