can not be used
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can not be used

and then stir the stirring paddle into a thick slurry without agglomeration, Modulation of the pulp, you can not add gypsum powder, so as not to agglomerate. Generally applicable to the construction time of 45min, more than time to start solidification, can not be used.

Edge treatment The longitudinal edge of the sheet is not dealt with. The edge of the cutting edge should be treated as follows before caulking: Before the board is installed, gently press down the corner of the front cardboard, Fixed and then use a knife to cut the edge of the upper surface of the paper to pick open,

and to open the tear off the tissue, it should be noted that the gypsum core can not be exposed, this part is still the lower surface of tissue paper. (3) caulking process with a small scraper will caulked putty evenly embedded in the lower part of the board spacing of the seam,

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