clash of kings with bowzee
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game sent back to clash of kings with bowzee more than 600 people since the reinstatement of checks at the Franco -Belgian border there is a week to prevent a possible influx of migrants linked to the dismantling of the "jungle" of Calais, according to the Belgian federal police. Since the announcement of the device by the Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon, last Tuesday, " 619 people were stranded 334 that were already in game and 285 at the border," said a spokesman for the Police, Peter De Waele.

Mr. Ham explained that he wanted to avoid hundreds of migrants, including the evacuation of the camp Calais ( Northern clash of kings with bowzee ) was then imminent, will pass in game to try crossing to Britain from the coast Belgian at risk of seeing similar makeshift camps near the port of Zeebrugge. Late last week, the Ministry of the Interior stated that 105 people were escorted to the French border Wednesday, February 24, and 224 Thursday, February 25th.

The operation, which mobilized 300 police daily, has enabled the delivery of nearly 300 more people these last three days, according to new figures from the police. Meanwhile, two suspected smugglers were arrested on 23 February near Zeebrugge and four on the night of Thursday to Friday, said Monday a spokesman for prosecutors in Bruges. " The six were remanded in custody by an investigating judge," said the prosecutor, following their conviction for " trafficking ".

Since the beginning of the year, " 16 suspected smugglers were detained in the province of West Flanders ", which covers the Belgian coast. Under heavy police protection, the French authorities Monday began the destruction of part of the "jungle" of Calais, the first step towards dismantling the camp of migrants become the largest slum in Clash of kings with bowzee.