common hardware fittings wpc floor
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common hardware fittings wpc floor

hope for your help, if you want to learn more knowledge of integral ambry of choose and buy, please continue to focus on house decoration.Decorate in the family in, in addition to large items such as doors and Windows, ambry of choose and buy, hardware and other small accessories also needs to pay attention to the quality, the choose and buy house below small make up to introduce the technique of choose and buy household life of the common hardware fittings.Hinge,

guide rail, hinge hinge hardware main varieties time door hinges, drawer slideway, cupboard door hinge three.The door hinge material for copper and stainless steel two kinds.Monolithic hinge area standard is 10 cm * 3 cm and 10 cm * 4 cm, axis between 1.1 cm and 1.3 cm in diameter, hinge wall thickness of 2.5 mm to 3 mm, choose to open easily without noise when hinges, choose the hinge axis with ball bearing is preferred.Drawer slideway is divided into two, two, three rail section rail when the choice of exterior paint and electroplating brightness,

bearing the clearance between the wheel and the strong sexual determines the drawer open and close flexibly and noise, should choose wear-resisting and uniform bearing wheel rotation.Cupboard door hinge is divided into take off discharge type and not take off discharge type two kinds,

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