commonly used in the decoration wpc floor
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commonly used in the decoration wpc floor

moisture, permeability, and tight and safe and stable. But if the wood keel quality, easy hanging, produce squeak sound, and even cause pollutants exceed the standard room. Two, the wooden keel installation method   keel laid, wooden keel installation, first need to drill on the ground, and with small pieces of wood as the ground leveling, and then use the solid wood keel nail beauty.

then do not choose. You can also smell the taste, pungent taste of the poor environmental protection. 2, hand eye view quality   selection of wooden skirting line, through the cross-sectional area of the baseboard of the general view, density, texture closely will have good quality; in addition to light pull baseboard to test whether the strong, check the baseboard edge is aligned in parallel, highly consistent,

First, to understand the choice of floor materials to buy easy to buy the floor when you first need to understand the material of the floor, which is commonly used in the decoration of the floor, a variety of flooring materials and performance, etc.. A clear understanding of the information on the floor, is a prerequisite for the purchase of high-quality flooring, ready to do everything, so easy to choose to buy.

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