developer Deceased Pixel, a handful of Ludum
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Portable:- Confidential Money:[url=]Buy Runescape Gold[/url] 300-Hi de 3000-Man Dol Kasegu Houhou- Kono Bushitsu wa Kitaku Shinai Bu ga Senkyo Shimashita Portable: Gakuen Dog Year Hen- Sol Trigger- Summon Night 3 This week on "Best Of Indie Runeacape games," we take a look at some of the top independent PC Flash downloadable titles released over this last week.The goodies in this edition include a retro-esque platformer featuring a bee-powered robot, the new iOS title from Super Mega Worm developer Deceased Pixel, a handful of Ludum Dare 23 picks, plus the follow-up to Runic Runeacape games' 2009 action-RPG Torchlight.Here's some recent highlights from IndieRuneacape game Pick: 'Swords and Soldiers' Ronimo Runeacape games, commercial indie "Packed with multiple campaigns, online Runeacape player and the bonus DLC, Swords and Soldiers is a perfect example of how to make a casual Runeacape game without skimping on depth and strategy."Runeacape game Pick: 'Beeserker' Sugar Rockets, browser "Beeserker! It is a wonderfully illustrated and playfully silly sidescrolling platformer sporting some smooth controls, parallax scrolling, a lovely soundtrack and one particularly odd protagonist."Runeacape game Pick: 'War of the Human Tanks' Fruitbat Factory, commercial indie "War of the Human Tanks is a strategy visual novel hybrid title starring a cast of armored humanoid weapons. The Runeacape game includes over 30 maps, and allows Runeacape players to use resources earned from combat to purchase new abilities and upgrades between battles."Runeacape game Pick: 'Recess Riot' Deceased Pixel, commercial indie "Recess Riot is an arcade-styled action Runeacape game divided into two Runeacape gameplay modes: Jump and Dodge. In Jump, Runeacape players must skip increasingly tricky jump rope patterns, while Dodge demands the ability to avoid and deflect incoming sports equipment."Runeacape game Pick: 'Critter Crunch' Capybara Runeacape games, commercial indie "Previously released for the PlayStation 3 and iOS platforms, Critter Crunch is an arcade-style puzzle Runeacape game in which Runeacape players grab, throw, and match colorful creatures throughout a lengthy single-Runeacape player campaign."Runeacape game Pick: 'Soul Searchin'' Maxim [url=]rssong[/url]